About Us

Our Vision

Oxford Gems Nursery is built upon the basic foundations of what the children of today seek most, alongside areas which will help them develop and nurture them as the progress towards primary school. We envisage every child coming to Oxford Gems Nursery as an experience for them, showing them the care, love and attention they require. We see it as a basic right to ensure the nursery is an extension of your home, making them feel comfortable and relaxed while they play and learn.

Our Story

We saw a great opportunity to bring a state-of-the-art nursery right to the heart of the city centre of Preston, choosing the ideal location along with staff and management who have vast experience within early years and education in general. Our passion lies in bringing quality at an affordable price yet not compromising on the experience for your child. Oxford Gems Nursery underwent a significant renovation which ensures every aspect of the nursery is brand new, everything from the outdoor play area, indoor main hall including the toilet area.

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