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Want the best nursery-education for tomorrow’s generation, today? Look no further than Oxford Gems Nursery. Based in the heart of Preston city centre, it makes it the ideal location, easily reachable wherever you’re coming from.

The nursery boasts latest, state-of-the-art technology, bringing it to the forefront at the level of education children of today deserve. We create a fun environment yet ensure it continues the development of the child to enhance and give them the best possible chance as they progress to reception.

Require a tailored style or approach? We’re pride ourselves in catering for one and all – we know from experience no two children are the same, appreciating parents or guardians may have an preferred approach.

Nursery Deco

Modern, contemporary design with a fun-twist. Each room is themed, giving every child different opportunities.


Encompassing only the latest and greatest technologies to give a head-start to every child attending Oxford Gems Nursery.

Vibrant Location

The locality allows us to take the children on regular trips across to the park, library and various centres.

“Oxford Gems Nursery has gone above and beyond in the care of our son. We thoroughly appreciate all your efforts.”

“Our daughter is significantly happier both visibly and emotionally [at Oxford Gems Nursery] in comparison to where she was before. Thank you.”

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